I’m Tired

Don’t say you’re colorblind.

We really don’t want to hear that line.

Every day we’re dying in the streets,

and every night you’re not losing any sleep.

It’s like sometimes you forget,

but I can never forget.

I can’t breathe.

Because all they see is the brownness of my skin,

the fullness of my lips,

the kinkiness of my hair,

and that just isn’t fair.

I can’t breathe.

You speak from a privileged place,

Walk with a privileged sway,

and stand in a privileged light.

Knowing you’ll never have to fight the same fight.

Or raise the question, will I die today?

I can’t breathe.

It’s not just about being invited to the cookout.

It’s more than just clout.

Kneel when I kneel.

If you can’t stand with us,

you don’t get to pretend to be us.

Give us back our culture.

Give us back our names.

I can’t breathe.

I don’t want to die today.

Or tomorrow.