Grief Happens

Grief steals from you…

Sometimes you notice it other times you don’t.

It’s a process.

It’s keeping things safe

Grief steals from you…

It’s not the same for all.

It’s stingy and LOUD

But quiet and stealthy

Grief steals from you…

Occasionally on purpose

But never to be mean.

You gotta let it happen.

Grief steals from you…

Nothing that you can’t get back

Sometimes it’s temporary.

When it needs to be, it’s Forever

Grief steals from you…


But nothing

And all that’s in between

Grief steals from you…

every now and again

Lurking and Waiting

Never far but not too near

Grief steals from you…

Anything you’ll allow

Things that you hold dear

But never a single tear.

Grief steals from you…

Not always to keep

Waiting patiently to return it all

with nary a peep

Grief steals from you,

Hope lends you strength,

Faith holds your hand,

Love warms your heart.

Though grief steals from you,

it helps you carry on.

One thought on “Grief Happens

  1. I enjoyed the poem! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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