The Dilemma and Delay of GLS

Hey there! I know I have not made a post this week for ‘Gavin’s Love Story’.  I am having a bit of a brain scramble.  Months ago I wrote out two endings each with a different scenario and victor.  At this point I have come to love both Felicity and Gavin so much that I am having trouble with each ending.  I have also thought of a third ending.  Right now I am brainstorming, creating pros/cons lists, and all kinds of other things to see where I want this to land.  There are only four planned parts remaining to this story.  That is what makes this harder to go forward without knowing the ending.  At this point every action, thought, set of dialogue, and sentence is leading up to the resolution.  I cannot write another sentence until I know which way I want to go.  I am sorry that you have to go a week without another installment but I promise to make next week’s installment worth the wait.  Thank you!




Endlessly Goodbye V- Finale

*Just in case you cannot see tags, this is extremely graphic.*

Four months later…

Ezra stepped into LAX and grabbed his one suitcase.  He spotted Dadrian right away and ran to him.  Dadrian wrapped his arms tight around him and kissed him hard on the mouth.  Ezra held his hand as they walked to where he had parked.

“I’m so glad that you were able to make it out to my show.”

“So am I.”

They were back at his hotel and Ezra fell flat on his back as Dadrian climbed over him.  Ezra scooted back so that his legs wouldn’t hang over the edge of the bed.  Dadrian kissed his stomach and up his chest to his neck.  Ezra moaned loudly as he felt his hand wrap around him.  Dadrian captured his lips with his and proceeded to jerk him slowly as he slipped his tongue into his mouth.  Ezra had made him wait until he felt he was ready.  Ezra had decided away from home was the perfect time.  Ezra would let Dadrian enjoy himself for a few more minutes then he would flip him.

“You are so beautiful,” Dadrian traced the tattoos on his skin as he admired his nude body.

“You’re not so bad yourself.”

Dadrian laughed as he looked over Ezra’s body.  He kissed and touched every inch of him until he had committed it all to memory.  Dadrian kissed Ezra’s hip and the black and red ink captured his attention.  Ezra shifted to his side to reveal the tattoo.  Dadrian traced the image with his finger like he had done the others.  Dadrian sat back and looked at Ezra.

“A unicorn?  That’s a little…gay,” Dadrian scrunched his nose.

“Says the man with the dragon tramp stamp,” Ezra pointed out.

“It is a dragon.”

“Unicorns are of legend one of the most mysterious and powerful creatures ever.  They hold so much power and their presence alone drew millions to them,” Ezra sat up on the bed.

“Unicorns are myth, you know that right?”

“Yes but their imagery encompasses all the great things about me,” Ezra felt the tides between them change and he was not happy.

“Are you a creature of myth too?” Dadrian whispered.

“You have no idea how real I am,” Ezra responded low with a growl in his throat.

There had been so much promise for Dadrian.  Ezra made a mental slash mark on the wall in his mind.

Ezra pounced on him and kissed him hard on the mouth.  Ezra roughly groped Dadrian as he pushed his hips forward.  Ezra pulled off him and turned Dadrian so they were more comfortable on the bed.  Ezra grabbed his toiletries bag and pulled out the lube.  Then he began to prepare Dadrian.  Dadrian gasped at the almost violent intrusion but enjoyed the sensation all the same.  Dadrian pushed down against Ezra’s hand.  Ezra nibbled and licked his thighs.  Ezra added a third finger and pushed in as deep as he could.  Dadrian squealed and still pushed against his hand.  Ezra engulfed him with his mouth and took him as deep in as possible.  When Dadrian hit the back of his throat he relaxed his muscles and took in the remaining length.  Dadrian buried his hands in Ezra’s hair and pushed his head down some more.  Ezra pulled back and his teeth lightly grazed his flesh.  Dadrian’s hips bucked up for entrance back into his mouth.  Ezra sucked him into his mouth again and caressed him with his tongue and lips.  Ezra kissed the tip and sat back.  He withdrew his fingers.  Ezra turned Dadrian over. He didn’t want to see his face anymore.  Ezra spread Dadrian’s cheeks and pushed into him.  Ezra let out a loud groan as he pushed all the way.  His fingers dug into Dadrian’s hips as he began to set the rhythm.  Ezra didn’t care if the other man felt good anymore.  Dadrian had lost his place and was now just a body for Ezra’s pleasure.  Ezra shoved repeatedly into him as hard as he could.  Dadrian tightened around him and he knew he was about to release.  Ezra slapped him hard on the bum and clawed down his back.

“Fuck. I’m coming,” Dadrian managed in between pants.

Ezra just continued to press into him.  Ezra felt Dadrian shiver as he ejaculated onto the sheets.  Ezra wasn’t done yet though so it didn’t matter to him. Ezra knew he was close and didn’t stop but pushed even harder into Dadrian.  Ezra leaned forward and bit Dadrian’s shoulder as he rode his orgasm. Ezra pulled out and collapsed on the bed beside him.  Ezra looked at the man who was on the edge of sleep from their sexual activities.  Ezra ran his fingers through Dadrian’s hair and almost felt something when the man rubbed his face against the palm of his hand.

Two days later…

Ardyn sat on the tailgate of the pickup truck.  She swung her legs as Ezra placed the bag into the hole.  She stood up in the back of the truck and tossed him the last two bags.  She sat back down on the tailgate and lit a cigarette.  Ezra shoveled in the last of the dirt and patted the surface.  He dipped his hands in the bucket of water and rinsed off the dirt.  He wiped his face clean and stripped out of the clothes.  He put on a new pair of jeans and a tee shirt.

“He was so right for you,” Ardyn handed him a beer.

“He shouldn’t have made fun of my tattoo,” Ezra stated flatly.

“He was so perfect.  He was your match,” Ardyn pointed out.

“I thought so too.”

“Even Jacob liked him and you know Jacob hates most of your boyfriends.  It was just a silly comment.”

“It is what it is,” Ezra shrugged.

“Sometimes I just feel like it’s endlessly goodbye with you.  And why was he in so many pieces?” Ardyn actually was moved by Dadrian’s passing.  She would never tell Ezra.  Her first secret.

“I couldn’t ship him back in a body bag.  I had to make it as easy as possible,” Ezra finished his beer.

“I guess.  Sure that makes sense.  Why in your backyard of a house that you never use?” Ardyn asked almost in a whisper.

“Because Dadrian was more than just another boyfriend.  I’d like to leave it at that,” Ezra stood.  His first secret.

“As you wish.  Let’s get home.”

They got in the truck and she drove them back to the city.  Ezra was glad that it was the middle of the night on a deserted road with no lights.  Ardyn would never notice the tears in his eyes or the extra key around his neck.

Dadrian woke in pain on a cot.  His eyes fluttered open.  The cold clasp of the bracelets let him know that he was no longer his own man.  The cage added to the facts.  There was food, water and a bucket.  He shivered.  The bellhop’s screams echoed through his mind.  He saw Ezra bash the man’s head in before he lost consciousness.  Dadrian heard the faint sounds of car as he left from outside of wherever he was.  There was no hope for escape.  But he still loved Ezra.


Gavin’s Love Story Part VI

Gavin’s limbs shook, his palms were clammy, and the world seemed to tilt. As the anxiety rushed through Gavin he curled up on his bed. Gavin closed his eyes and the white noise settled in his ears. His lips moved as he chanted and begged for serenity. Arms curled around his midsection, Gavin rocked back and forth. Several minutes passed and Gavin maintained his position.

Even breaths passed from Gavin as his arms loosened. His eyes fluttered open. Gavin swallowed hard as he sat up. With three quick deep breaths Gavin stood. He smoothed his hands over his clothes and left his bedroom. As Gavin made his way down the stairs his heart began to race. He swallowed hard as he removed the keys from around his neck. Gavin glanced down at the bag he had dropped an hour ago.

Gavin steeled his mind as he stilled his breath. The keys shook as he pressed them into the locks one after the other. He picked up his bag and entered the basement apartment.

Felicity knelt by the large chair. They had come to an agreement for the ‘Welcome Home’ position. Gavin’s shoulders eased as he looked her over. Her hair was neatly braided away from her face, her arms bare, dark purple leggings, head down, and a white camisole. Felicity’s hands were folded in her lap as she waited for Gavin’s instructions. A smile crept across Gavin’s face. He turned and locked the doors then made his way to her.

“Rise, carry my bag to the bedroom. I wish you to return in less.”

“Yes sir.”

Felicity rose, without looking at him, took the bag from his hand and went to the bedroom. Gavin smiled. He remembered a time he would have had to punish her for disobedience or talking back. Gavin closed his eyes and took a deep breath. None of the others had succeeded to the point where he had arrived with Felicity. He rubbed his hands together, flexed his fingers, and sat patiently for her return.

Gavin leaned back. Felicity returned and lay across his lap. She had removed her leggings and wore shorts so short they were glorified underwear. Gavin patted her bottom softly at first. She remained still as he increased his strikes. As the blush blossomed his excitement grew. Felicity closed her eyes as the tears welled. The sound of flesh on flesh began to echo as he increased the force.

Gavin rubbed his hand in slow circles across her derrière. He leaned in and kissed the warm mounds. Gavin made a move to stand and Felicity stood with her head low in the spot she’d knelt before. Gavin stood in front of her. The steel trap of his mind fell open as soon as he touched her face. A caress of her cheek sent his heart jack hammering. Gavin had placed his lips against hers before the thought had registered completely.

The breath caught in Felicity’s chest as Gavin kissed her. Gavin had never kissed her on the mouth before. He had kissed every inch of her body but never above the neck. Her eyes fluttered close and she returned his kiss. Gavin watched her face as their lips danced against each other. He increased the pressure of his mouth and a low moan escaped her. Gavin pulled back, his eyes wide and mouth ajar. He held her shoulders as she leaned in for more. Gavin had never pulled that sound from anyone. Felicity pouted then opened her eyes. She frowned then looked away.

Gavin stepped in closer to Felicity. Their chests touched and he put an arm around her. His fingers worked her braid loose and her hair was free. Gavin felt his heart skip as he lifted her chin.

“Look at me,” Gavin whispered.

Felicity slowly raised her eyes to meet his. In a motion Gavin was pressed against her, his fingers tangled in her hair, and his lips moved firmly with hers. Gavin swallowed each moan she offered up to him. Feverishly Gavin kissed her until his lungs begged for air.

Gavin pulled back as he gasped for air. His eyes fell to her lips bruised and swollen. Felicity whimpered as he ran his thumb over her lips. Felicity’s chest heaved as she tried to catch her breath. She felt the weight of Gavin’s stare and knew that something had changed between them. Gavin’s touch was soft and his hands were gentle as they removed her clothes. It was intimate. Gavin had never touched her in a way that caused her to feel equal in power. Felicity swallowed as she glanced in his direction. She gasped. Gavin’s features had softened and emotions filled his eyes.

“I would like to be with you,” Gavin whispered as he moved back into her.

“As you wish sir.”

“Call me,” his hands shook as they touched her face, “Gavin.”

“Sir?” <It’s a trap!>

“Have you ever questioned me before?” Gavin tightened his grip.

Felicity shook her head. Gavin nodded. Gavin kissed her hard on the lips as he dipped his fingers into her. Felicity moaned as her legs spread for him. Gavin kissed her neck and wrapped her hair around his hand. She squeaked as his fingers moved inside of her and he bit her neck.

“Gavin,” Felicity whimpered.

Gavin pulled his fingers from her and slid them into her mouth. Felicity, without a thought, obeyed his unspoken command. Gavin moaned then lifted her into his arms and carried her to the bedroom.

Endlessly Goodbye Part IV

Ezra had given it two days and he had to clean up before the storm arrived in the area.  He placed a large glass tote in the middle of the space he had set up.  In it was a few kilograms of chocolate.  The beetles took a few moments to realize it was there but then they swarmed into the tote.  Ezra had ordered the tote for another purpose.  It had turned out he had only organic storage containers at home and he would not risk a disaster.  He in turn had to use the tote to carry the insects.  The beetles had not strayed outside of the area he had marked and they looked well fed.  He smiled as he secured the lid.  He placed it in the back of the jeep.  Ezra was almost saddened at his next actions but it was necessary.  Ezra drove to the edge of the city and parked under a bridge.  The weather was warmer in the day than at night so he made sure it was dusk before he got out.  He pulled out the container of beetles and opened it.  He poured the lighter fluid in and lit a match.

“I’m sorry little guys but I have to be thorough.  I cannot have you running loose with evidence in your bellies.”

Ezra dropped the match in.  There wasn’t much movement.  He assumed most of them had suffocated.  A tear ran his down his cheek.  Ezra had just taken fifty or so innocent lives.  Ezra did not enjoy what roamed through him.  He took a deep breath and left the scene.  Ezra had gone home and took a long too hot shower.


Dadrian had just flown back from Milan and Ezra expected him that evening.  He knew that Ezra was into fashion as much as he was.  Dadrian had decided to wear something of his own from a new collection that had yet to be released.  He checked his image one last time before he grabbed his wallet and left the hotel.  Dadrian made it to the lobby and was about to exit when he recognized Ezra’s luxury car at the curb.  Dadrian stopped at the door and turned around.  Ezra wasn’t in the lobby.  Then he saw him step out the car.  Dadrian walked to the doors and out to the car Ezra opened the passenger door for him.

“I wasn’t expecting you to pick me up.”

“I know.   I like surprising you,” Ezra replied then shut the door and walked around to the other side.

“Hm I like it.  So where are we headed?”

“Another surprise.  You look fantastic,” Ezra gave him a once over as he started the car.

“Thank you,” Dadrian blushed.

Ezra chuckled as he pulled out into traffic.  They drove in silence.  Ezra pulled in front of the showplace arena.  Dadrian looked over to him as he cut the engine.  Ezra just smiled and got out of the car.  Dadrian scanned the parking lot and there weren’t that many cars out so he knew that there wasn’t an event that night.  Ezra opened his door and he got out of the car.  Dadrian followed Ezra into the building.  There was a melodic ruckus that went on as Dadrian recognized there was a band in sound check.  He stopped in his tracks on the stairs.  Ezra was almost at the stage before he turned and realized Dadrian was frozen in place.  Ezra couldn’t help but smile as he went back.

“That’s Zero Push!” Dadrian screamed.

“And that is unprofessional.  Calm down.  I know you’re a big fan but can you be less dramatic?”

“Yeah.  Sorry.  I’m just shocked.”

“Surprise.  I own the label they’re on.  I figured you’ve been good the last month that you should have something nice,” Ezra smirked.

Ezra pulled him to the very front where the pit would form once the show was in full swing.  They ran through a few songs and finally ended their sound check.  Zero Push joined them as the other band set up.  Ezra made introductions.  Dadrian had managed to act as an adult as they talked.  Ezra made arrangements for Dadrian to get backstage the next day for their second show.  They left the arena and Ezra drove to the restaurant for their official tenth date.  Dadrian had grown accustom to Ezra ordering and making his decisions for him while they were out.  After dinner Ezra informed him that they would meet his friends for drinks.  Dadrian nodded and accepted that his night was out of his control.  It felt good not to have to make decisions.  Dadrian liked Ezra’s friends.  He had become quick friends with Ardyn because she was Ezra’s best friend almost sister.  Ardyn was fun and charming.  Her husband Jacob was quiet but not shy just he wasn’t much of a talker.  Jackie was a bit too loud for his taste but she was funny.  Clarence seemed to be too much business and was a little stiff until he had a few shots.  Then he opened up.  Dadrian did not feel like an outsider as he expected.  Ezra kept an arm around him the entire night.  After drinks Ezra took him back to the hotel.

“Would you like to come up?” Dadrian asked as they stood under the awning.

“I have a late night meeting with a client from China.  Time zones make everything a little difficult.  I’ll see you before you leave though,” Ezra leaned forward and kissed the side of his mouth.

Dadrian waved then went into the building.  He sighed as he rode the elevator to his floor.  Dadrian had wanted more from Ezra but it seemed that if it wasn’t planned in his agenda then it would not happen.  Dadrian changed clothes as soon as he entered the room.  He wasn’t sure if he was in a relationship with Ezra or not.  Ezra had been possessive but that could have been because of the friends.  Ezra had kissed him and said that he would see him again.  Dadrian just wasn’t sure sometimes.  Dadrian had also never been to Ezra’s home.  They had met for brunch one morning and Ezra had insisted they go back to the hotel.  When Dadrian had offered to pick him up Ezra had refused and met him at the restaurant.  Even when he had offered to stop by while he was in the city for just a talk no date Ezra had refused.  Dadrian knew Ezra was a control freak and he was still interested.   Dadrian got in to bed and pulled the covers up to his chest and closed his eyes.  Dadrian knew something more could develop between them and he hoped that it would before he went back to Europe.

Gavin’s Love Story Part V

Felicity stared at the rooms. Gavin had granted her permanent residence in the set of rooms instead of the cage. It was painted in soft colors and furnished with custom furniture. It was more than Felicity expected. She was delighted by the perceived comfort.

Felicity touched the bruises on her arms. The soft ache reminded her of her place something she despised. Felicity frowned and looked away.

Gavin touched her back and she jumped. The stinging from the scars made her clinch her jaw.  Felicity closed her eyes and let the pain wash over her. Gavin explained the rules and set expectations. Felicity nodded her understanding. 

“I’ll leave you to get comfortable. I have to work. The phone will dial straight to me. When you pick up the phone if I’m available I’ll answer, if not then the voice service will pick up. Leave a message and I’ll check on you,” Gavin pulled Felicity close and kissed her forehead, “enjoy your day my love.”

Felicity listened as Gavin locked both doors. She took a few deep breaths to keep the sobs at bay. Felicity opened her eyes and walked to the bathroom. A real shower. She slowly undressed and avoided the mirror. She turned on the shower and adjusted the temperature. Felicity unwrapped the loofah and got in the shower. The water stung at first but she ignored it to get clean, to feel clean. To be truly clean again was a far off daydream.  

Felicity applied the cream to her back and wrists then dressed. She roamed around the her new residence. She pleased with the many book shelves. She glanced at the old television. Felicity wrinkled her nose and moved back to the bookshelves. She picked up the book of Grim Faerie Tales. Felicity chuckled to herself. She was one of those girls trapped by an outside force. Felicity placed the book back on the shelf and grabbed another. She looked around her new settings again. 

Felicity appreciated the new environment. Her senses were also glad to have increased stimulation. Felicity settled on the couch with her old favorite, Bridge to Terabithia

Felicity woke slumped over on the couch. She groaned as she returned to consciousness. She looked at the book in her hands. Page 25, she hadn’t gotten far. Felicity closed the book and stretched. She went to the bedroom and lay on the bed. 

<Why didn’t I do this in the first place?> Felicity sprawled out on the bed.  The lights dimmed automatically. It was late afternoon. <I can afford a nap before he brings dinner.> 

Felicity screamed as the pain shot through her. She sat up on the bed quickly. The room focused in as consciousness returned.  Felicity swallowed hard and clutched her chest as she tried to calm herself. 

“Sleeping in the middle of the day is not permitted. It messes up your schedule for rest,” Gavin reminded Felicity as he put his belt back through the loops.

“Sorry sir. It won’t happen again,” Felicity sat on the edge of the bed with her head down. 

“I know it won’t. Now, up and come to dinner,” Gavin turned and exited the bedroom. 

Felicity rubbed her bum when she stood. She sighed.< Another welt to put cream on.> She stopped in the bathroom to wash her face and hands then went to the kitchen. There were two places set on the tiny table in the corner. Felicity cautiously walked over. Gavin sat as soon as she arrived. Felicity didn’t make eye contact as she took her place. 

“Thank you for joining me. I hope your day was well,” Gavin smiled as he poured the wine into the glasses. 

<Really?> Felicity fought herself to not look up. When he picked up the silverware she mirrored his actions. Felicity racked her brain and came up empty. There hadn’t been dinner protocol relayed to her. She ate slowly and matched his movements until the plates were emptied. 

“You don’t have to be so quiet. It is okay to talk. Any questions or remarks are welcome,” Gavin touched her hand on the table. 

“W-will we be sharing dinner nightly?”

“As long as my schedule allows it. I am going to spend as much time as possible with you. We must get to know each other. We will be together for a while. I don’t have any secrets,” Gavin have her hand a squeeze, “once you’re ready we’ll share a bed as well. I intend you to be my bride.”

“Bride?!” Felicity snatched her hand back. 

“Tone,” Gavin’s voice dropped and his eyes darkened, “you are mine. We have talked of this.  You are mine or you get dismissed.”

“D-d-dismissed? What is that?”

“As you know you’re not my first fiancé. The others didn’t work out and they were permanently dismissed,” Gavin stood and gathered the dishes, “pay attention here. You’ll be responsible for clearing the table.”

“You’re a murderer,” Felicity replied once the words sank in, “you kidnap and murder women if they don’t work out. I’m never going to leave here,” she whispered as realization hit, “my family, my friends, my boyfriends, my girlfriend, and my poor cats. They’ll never know.”

“I said pay attention,” Gavin brought his hand down hard on the table. Felicity jumped. 

“Sorry sir,” silent tears trailed down her face as she watched him. 

Felicity had figured she would return to her original life. It had never occurred to her that she would never see her loved ones again. Felicity followed him with her eyes as she shook silently with emotion. 

“I have a few more DVDs for you,” Gavin grabbed a bag from the couch and sat back down at the table. 

Felicity curled her toes tight and clinched her jaw. Her gray eyes searched his body language as he excitedly described each movie. Gavin’s shoulders were relaxed, easy smile spread his face, and not a tell in the world that he was anything other than happy. Felicity felt the weight of the situation close in. She belonged to him until otherwise dismissed or she escaped. Escape didn’t seem likely as she studied her captor.

Endlessly Goodbye Part III

Ezra had gone to the gorge. He took a deep breath and looked out over the two plus kilometers of his secret space. There was his history just a few meters under the top layer of earth. Ezra pulled the tightly sealed jars from his bag. He released the dermestid beetles and walked away. He had laid a thick line of acid and pesticide in a deep crevice to keep them inside the area that was to be destroyed. Ezra placed the jars inside the space and jumped back over to the clean side. Ezra left them to do their job.

Ezra gave the gorge one last look and got in his car. He went to the car wash then headed to the restaurant. Ezra checked himself over one last time before he got out of the car. It was their standard lunch once a week. Ezra spotted them right away. Ardyn had placed his order as always. She had known that he had business at the gorge. Ezra kissed Ardyn on the cheek and gave Dadrian a brief kiss on the lips. Ezra sat down and his drink was brought to him.

“Sorry I’m late. Traffic was horrible out there.”

“No problem,” Dadrian smiled.

“I have enjoyed conversation with the gorgeous Dadrian,” Ardyn winked.

“Let’s jump into the plan for the vacation,” Ezra suggested as he pulled out his notepad.

“I’m thinking Canada. It’s a quick easy trip and we haven’t been there for years,” Ardyn brightened.

“That’s a great idea. Toronto is lovely this time of year,” Dadrian agreed as he ate his lunch.

“Fantastic! I think that is perfect,” Ezra was glad they could agree.

They discussed their vacation plans. Ezra had invited Ardyn to make sure that he did not go to bed with Dadrian. Ezra knew she would be a good third wheel. While they talked someone caught his eye. At the same time Ezra caught the man’s eyes and he walked away from the conversation that he had been carrying on over to their table. Their smiles matched as they greeted each other.



They embraced. The attraction was obvious. Dadrian took a deep breath and fiddled with the napkin. They talked for a few minutes before Ezra remembered to introduce them. Ezra blushed and turned to the table.

“Sorry. I’m so bad at that. Lance you remember Ardyn,” Ezra gestured to her.

“How could I forget such a beauty?” Lance kissed her hand.

“Great seeing you again,” Ardyn responded with genuine surprise.

“And this,” Ezra felt his face warm, “is Dadrian my partner.”

“Lucky man. Nice to meet you,” Lance gave him a toothy grin.

“You as well,” Dadrian stood and shook his hand.

“This is Lance an old partner.”

They talked for a few minutes then separated. Ardyn had a few questions that she would have to wait until they were alone to ask. They finished lunch and Dadrian had to return to the showcase for his new line. Ardyn followed Ezra to his place where they took the disposable jeep. It was not registered and had phony plates so it was an easy to replace the plates instead of the vehicle. Ezra drove to the warehouse. They had business to finish. They undressed and put on scrubs then tied their hair back. Ezra handed her a cap and shoe covers. Ardyn was glad for the time away from others so she could raise the questions that had jumped to mind at lunch.

“Lance huh?” Ardyn brought up as she tied the apron around her.

“Yeah. You remember him right? The Wall Street guy,” Ezra pulled on his gloves.

“I do remember him but I assumed that when I stopped seeing him around he was in the gorge with the others. I thought all of your exes were there.”

“No, not all of them. Gosh you make me seem like a monster. Only those that do wrong by me are out there. Jeez. Lance and I mutually split,” Ezra assured her and pulled the key from his neck.

“Wow. So I feel good now. I always worried if there wasn’t a man alive that you had been with,” Ardyn laughed.

“Really? I’m shocked that you would think something like that,” Ezra unlocked the door and put the key back.

“I’m just saying that besides Cary and Nathaniel I don’t know anyone you’ve dated that is still among us,” she replied honestly as she pulled down her face shield.

“Not everyone has done me wrong. Let’s see there’s Marshall, Keith, Dre, Charles, Peter, Matt, Mathew, Gabriel and Trey that are still alive. I do break off relationships you know. Not everyone breaks up with me. Damn. I’m not some sort of maniac.”

Ardyn did not respond.

They entered the dimly lit room. The screams were audible and the temperature had dropped significantly once they entered the room. Ezra had never turned on the heater. It was not intentional but it satisfied him the same. The sound proofing was only the room itself. Anything within the walls was at full volume. Ardyn adjusted her mask as they made their way to the man in the chair. Ardyn pulled the cart over beside the man.

“I-I promise I won’t t-tell anyone. P-p-please let me go. I-I-I’m sorry. I SWEAR!” the man pleaded.

“You should have thought about that before you stole from us. Then you had the nerve to cheat on me. I didn’t care if you saw someone else but you ran around behind my back. You FUCKED someone else in my bed. You stole two thousand dollars worth of items from my apartment and you stole three thousand worth of supplies from Ardyn’s place. You’re lucky this is all I’m doing,” Ezra spat at him.

“He’s right. He’s very much into torturing you for days then ending it. You’re getting off light,” Ardyn agreed as she filled the syringes.

“B-b-but I told you where to get e-ev-everything from. Y-you collected it all!”

“Not everything,” Ardyn growled as she jabbed the syringe into his arm and pushed the plunger, “my grams earrings were heirlooms! The pawn shop had already sold them ya cunt.”

“What…what did you just do?” the man asked as he tried to keep his mouth from drying out.

“She just administered a drug that will paralyze you. I want you to be alive but I don’t want you to pass out from the pain. This will keep you conscious so that I can enjoy it. It would be temporary if you were still alive when it wears off,” Ezra answered as he hooked the hose to the needle.

“Waaz dat?” he slurred as the drug began to take effect.

“This is to make sure the job is done. Your tongue and vocal chords will soon follow the rest of your body,” Ardyn replied as she moved the large tub to the stall where the man would spend his last minutes.

Ezra and Ardyn lifted the man and moved him into the large plexi-stall. It resembled a large shower stall only it would seal air tight once properly closed. Ardyn handed Ezra the needle with the hose. Ezra placed the end of the hose into the tub to drain. His lips turned up as he jabbed the needle into the man’s neck. The man’s eye widened but he felt nothing. The drug had worked. Ezra stepped out and shut the door. The hiss whispered through the air as the door rested in place.

Ardyn and Ezra made sure that they had the bleach and other cleaning supplies. They had perfected their methods and could finish the job in half the time it had taken all those years ago. Since his nightmares Ezra had stepped up their clean up routine. He had also installed security equipment in all of his locations. Ezra rarely used some of the locations but he wanted to make sure he was safe. Ezra excluded Ardyn from most of the kills in the recent past. She was involved in the current situation so Ezra had included her. Ezra figured if he was captured at any time Ardyn would not get apprehended along side him.

“What do you think will happen first?” Ardyn asked as she sat down in the folding chair.

“He’s panicking so his air will run out first. With his position and only the one drain going it will take about 30 minutes to complete. With the lack of air his heart will stop before the blood is finished draining. He’ll definitely suffocate first there’s less than ten minutes of air in there.”

“Have you tested this?” Ardyn’s eyes narrowed as she looked to Ezra.

“I have,” Ezra replied matter-of-factly.

They stayed outside the stall and watched the man that had betrayed them both suffer. He struggled against his bonds automatically even though he felt no discomfort. The man could feel his lungs tightening but that was the only sensation he was aware of. His skin began to pale and his mouth opened as he gasped. Ardyn turned away. Ezra watched the man’s eyes. The panic and worry slowly slipped. His look turned peaceful. Ezra smiled as the man’s skin went ashen and the clouds rolled into his eyes. Ezra knew he couldn’t actually hear it but the phantom sound of the man’s last breath sent a chill of excitement through him. The man’s eye dulled as the last of the light slipped away and Ezra sighed with satisfaction. Ardyn shook her head. The experience was one of delight for Ezra but for her it was just a necessity. The police would never convict the man so they had. They had become his executioner. Ezra enjoyed every second that it took for that man to die.

Ardyn gave him another ten minutes before she opened the door. She punctured the femoral artery with another needle and placed the hose in another container. Ezra pushed another cart over to the side of the stall. Ardyn checked the man’s pulse to make sure that he was dead.

“Should only take another ten to fifteen minutes,” Ezra stated as he pulled a couple of jars from the cabinet.

“What the hell are those?” Ardyn made a face as she sealed the first tub of blood.

“Dermestid beetles.”

“Come again laddie?”

“Flesh eating beetles. They eat any organic material such as leather, cotton, or flesh you name it. Once we’re done I’ll pour them in and they’ll make our job easier,” Ezra answered as he placed them on the cart.

“Where the bloody hell did you pick up that idea?”

“Jeffery is a taxidermist,” Ezra smiled.

“Of course one of your boyfriends helped you out. I hope he isn’t going to regret it,” Ardyn chuckled.

“Probably not. I’m breaking up with him next week. He’s too into me. I’m not looking for anything serious and he is.”

“Alrighty sure,” Ardyn rolled her eyes.

They finished their routine and packed everything into the jeep. Ezra stepped on the step ladder and opened the top of the stall. He poured the beetles in and closed the mesh. He wanted to keep the beetles in but not be dead when he returned.

“By time we come back they’ll be done.”

“Is that what you did this morning in the gorge? I thought you just went to put someone in,” Ardyn questioned as she put the last tub of blood in the back of the jeep.

“Since your psychic friend I have been thinking a lot about our disposal process. In her vision they unearthed bodies not skeletons. As much as I don’t believe in that crap it rattled me. A wake up call really. It takes more to identify bones than it does to run DNA off of soft tissue. They’ll destroy anything that we may miss. Food in between their teeth, wallets, socks, skin under their nails and anything else,” Ezra explained.

“You perfect your art form. Get in and let’s get this done,” Ardyn got into the driver’s seat.

“If it was perfect then I wouldn’t find little flaws. There is still room for improvement,” Ezra responded with a shrug.

Ardyn drove in silence downtown. Ezra was in the mood and she never talked when he was in his mood. Ardyn glanced at him. It had been a few guys too many for her taste. Ezra had also called it off more in the last several months than adding them to the gorge. She saw the changes in him since he had started his relationship with Dadrian.

They reached the butchers and Ezra pulled on the white coat. Ardyn followed as she made sure her hair net was in place. They picked up the tubs of blood and walked in to the building. They put on the confidence and went into the slaughter room. They opened the tubs and poured the blood into the drain. Ezra whistled as rinsed the tubs out and Ardyn went to the assembly line and prepared a few slabs before they made their way out. They took their empty tubs and got back in their jeep. No one paid attention as they left. They came and went and no one was the wiser.

Ezra took the wheel and headed back to the warehouse. While the beetles finished their job they made sure that everything was placed where it needed to be and cleaned. Ezra pulled out the sledge hammer and laid out the body bag. Ardyn watched the bugs as they continued to work and shook her head. It disturbed her on some level. She sat aside and watched Ezra in his zone. It was like he was in another place where he was the emperor. Ardyn looked on as Ezra performed his art. He was an artist in his own right. A dark art but art none the less.

Ardyn assisted Ezra once the process was over. With the body wrapped in the body bag they took the sledge hammers to the bones. Ardyn had gotten accustom to the new behaviors. She followed his lead. Ezra had helped her when she had needed him the most. Ardyn had taken the life of her abusive stepfather after he had nearly killed her sister. Ezra had been there with her to make it easier. She had been his friend back then. They had become brother and sister of the blood. There wasn’t anything that Ardyn wouldn’t do for Ezra.

Ezra showered and ordered dinner once they were back at his place. It had been a long day and they both needed to relax. Ezra talked to Dadrian and promised to set up a date for them when he returned to the city. Ardyn hung up with Jacob and settled in beside Ezra.

“This feels wonderful. I love you and I cannot live without you in my life,” Ezra snuggled into her.

“I love you too. You know that your life would be so much easier if you liked the vagina. You and I would be married with some little ones running around,” Ardyn laughed at the idea of being shacked up with Ezra.

“Yeah I tried once,” Ezra smiled fondly at the memory and its ridiculousness.

“What?!” Ardyn sat up and turned to him.

“Yeah,” Ezra sat up, “I spent a weekend filling all of my surroundings with you and imagining the future with you. I thought about how beautiful you are and our bond. I even planned it out. However my penis was not having any of it,” he smiled softly at her.

“You never told me that,” Ardyn chuckled.

“It wasn’t something I would have you know. It was not a proud moment for me. I questioned who I was. No one is proud of an identity crisis. Plus you’re happily married now. You could not be my beard for the rest of your life. Freshman and sophomore year was enough.”

“You’ll find the one,” she hugged him.

The doorbell sounded.

“Saved by the bell from an emotional moment,” Ezra smiled as he wiggled out of her grasp.

Gavin’s Love Story Part IV

Felicity sat in the corner of the cage and stared at Gavin. The plate of dinner was upside down at the other end of the cage. Felicity wrapped her arms around her knees. Her brow was creased and lips formed a fine line. 

“It’s for your own good. Your body will get used to the sleep pattern. The sedative is only temporary.”

“I’d rather starve than be voluntarily drugged. I won’t eat.”

“Felicity,” Gavin moved closer, “you will obey me. If not now then you will be punished.”

“Nothing can be worse than being a captive,” Felicity looked away.

“There are worse things.”

Felicity woke. She shivered and looked around she was in a tee shirt, no covers on the bed and no pillow. Felicity sighed and for the umpteenth time she regretted her words. Her stomach growled and she groaned. Three days without food had begun to wear on Felicity. The exhaustion weighed on her but the hunger kept her from sleeping more than a couple of hours. Felicity closed her eyes and wept.


Felicity stood slowly when the door at the stairs opened. She watched as the figure moved into her eye line. Her brow furrowed as an unknown woman was in view.  Felicity moved to the far corner of the cage. She huddled in on herself, closed her eyes, and tried to blend into the shadow. 

The woman in her mid to late fifties walked to the cage with a tray of food. She smiled solemnly as she opened the tray door.   She slid the tray in. 

“Felicity you have to eat. You’ve stopped using the bathroom which means there’s nothing to make waste. I cannot bear to watch you suffer. Don’t tell him I was here,” the woman glanced nervously around and ran a hand through her lightly gray streaked hair. 

“Wh-who are you?” Felicity rasped.

“Dawn, the house maid. I take care of things. It’s been a week of you not eating.”

“I won’t eat it,” Felicity crossed her arms but didn’t look away from the food.

“No sedatives this I promise.  You need to eat. For strength. He will be here to punish you and you need to endure and not perish,” Dawn stepped back from the cage.

“How can I trust you?” Felicity rubbed her stomach as it gurgled. 

“How do you think you were bathed when you passed out from hunger? How do you think your clothes were changed? He does not enjoy the female body unless it is for him willingly,” Dawn advised.

Felicity stared at Dawn for a minute.  She pushed herself to full height and stood dignified. Felicity looked at the tray before she grabbed it. Felicity sniffed each item before she put it to her lips. Felicity’s shoulders sagged as she enjoyed the food that Dawn had provided. 

“I’ll be back for the tray in a few. I must clean up the kitchen so he doesn’t know.”

“Thank you,” Felicity managed through a mouthful. 

Gavin waited in the study and watched the surveillance screens. His lips curled up as Felicity began to eat. Gavin turned in time to greet Dawn as she entered the room. 

“Very good. I appreciate you helping me.”

“I think she is the one. None of the others thought twice before accepting food from me. This one is smart and questions everything,” Dawn smiled at him. 

“Felicity is very strong willed. Using you will help me break her. She trusts the food but not you yet. The look in her eyes tells me she wants to. Felicity wants someone on her side. Felicity is perfect,” Gavin stared lovingly at the screens. 

“She’s been with us over a month and so I believe her spirit is near its fatigue point. I’ll give her a week before she’s ready to move. I’ll be in the kitchen if you need me.”

Felicity sipped the tea slowly.  Her stomach was full and she hadn’t finished what Dawn had provided. Felicity looked around to locate a place to stash the rest. With no covers, pillow or furniture it was not possible. She screwed the cap on the tea and concluded she could keep it. The back leg of the bed was just out of sight and the bottle would be hidden behind it. Unless the cage was entered. Felicity held on to hope and angled the bottle behind the leg post. She moved from each angle to make sure it wasn’t noticeable. Felicity jumped when the door in the stairs opened.

Dawn rounded the corner. She had the chains over her arms. Felicity backed away from the cage door. She had been grateful the chains had been removed once she had refused to eat. Felicity didn’t like the sight of them. 

“Bathroom break. I’m sorry but I have to shackle your hands and feet.”

“I-I-I promise I won’t try anything. I swear on a stack of bibles I won’t,” Felicity whined and pleaded. 

“How about a compromise? I’ll leave your hands free,” Dawn eyes were warm as they looked into Felicity’s worried pair.

“Um,” Felicity bit her lip, “okay.”

Felicity moved to the cage door. She put her hands through and Dawn put just the cuffs on. Dawn opened the door and shackled Felicity’s feet.  Dawn took the cuffs off Felicity’s hands then helped her out of the cage. Felicity waddled to the bathroom. Felicity was appreciative that Dawn turned her back. Gavin did not. Felicity washed her hands and followed Dawn back to the cage. 

“Try not to anger him. If you go to bed at 9:30 every night he’ll stop the sedatives,” Dawn relayed the information per Gavin’s request as she removed the shackles. 

“How the hell am I supposed to know the time? There aren’t any windows and I haven’t seen a clock in weeks. I don’t even know how long I’ve been here,” Felicity threw her arms up. 

“Haven’t you realized the lights tell you the time? They come on at 7:45 am and go off at 9:30 pm. They are at their brightest around noon. It’s part of your training deary.”

“Holy shit you’re right. I knew something was up with those lights. I couldn’t figure it out. Thank you Dawn, for everything,” Felicity pursed her lips and nodded.

“No woes love. Now, hold on to that muffin. I have to take the rest,” Dawn opened the tray slot. 

“He’ll see it,” Felicity’s eyes widened as she took the muffin. 

“He’ll be gone a few more hours. You’ll want it later,” Dawn winked as she locked the tray slot. 

“Alright then.”

Gavin chuckled as he watched Felicity eat the drug laced muffin. Mood altering medicine worked as effectively as any sedative.  Felicity would be unaware of the prescription hidden in the food Dawn ‘snuck’ to her.