Endlessly Goodbye V- Finale

*Just in case you cannot see tags, this is extremely graphic.*

Four months later…

Ezra stepped into LAX and grabbed his one suitcase.  He spotted Dadrian right away and ran to him.  Dadrian wrapped his arms tight around him and kissed him hard on the mouth.  Ezra held his hand as they walked to where he had parked.

“I’m so glad that you were able to make it out to my show.”

“So am I.”

They were back at his hotel and Ezra fell flat on his back as Dadrian climbed over him.  Ezra scooted back so that his legs wouldn’t hang over the edge of the bed.  Dadrian kissed his stomach and up his chest to his neck.  Ezra moaned loudly as he felt his hand wrap around him.  Dadrian captured his lips with his and proceeded to jerk him slowly as he slipped his tongue into his mouth.  Ezra had made him wait until he felt he was ready.  Ezra had decided away from home was the perfect time.  Ezra would let Dadrian enjoy himself for a few more minutes then he would flip him.

“You are so beautiful,” Dadrian traced the tattoos on his skin as he admired his nude body.

“You’re not so bad yourself.”

Dadrian laughed as he looked over Ezra’s body.  He kissed and touched every inch of him until he had committed it all to memory.  Dadrian kissed Ezra’s hip and the black and red ink captured his attention.  Ezra shifted to his side to reveal the tattoo.  Dadrian traced the image with his finger like he had done the others.  Dadrian sat back and looked at Ezra.

“A unicorn?  That’s a little…gay,” Dadrian scrunched his nose.

“Says the man with the dragon tramp stamp,” Ezra pointed out.

“It is a dragon.”

“Unicorns are of legend one of the most mysterious and powerful creatures ever.  They hold so much power and their presence alone drew millions to them,” Ezra sat up on the bed.

“Unicorns are myth, you know that right?”

“Yes but their imagery encompasses all the great things about me,” Ezra felt the tides between them change and he was not happy.

“Are you a creature of myth too?” Dadrian whispered.

“You have no idea how real I am,” Ezra responded low with a growl in his throat.

There had been so much promise for Dadrian.  Ezra made a mental slash mark on the wall in his mind.

Ezra pounced on him and kissed him hard on the mouth.  Ezra roughly groped Dadrian as he pushed his hips forward.  Ezra pulled off him and turned Dadrian so they were more comfortable on the bed.  Ezra grabbed his toiletries bag and pulled out the lube.  Then he began to prepare Dadrian.  Dadrian gasped at the almost violent intrusion but enjoyed the sensation all the same.  Dadrian pushed down against Ezra’s hand.  Ezra nibbled and licked his thighs.  Ezra added a third finger and pushed in as deep as he could.  Dadrian squealed and still pushed against his hand.  Ezra engulfed him with his mouth and took him as deep in as possible.  When Dadrian hit the back of his throat he relaxed his muscles and took in the remaining length.  Dadrian buried his hands in Ezra’s hair and pushed his head down some more.  Ezra pulled back and his teeth lightly grazed his flesh.  Dadrian’s hips bucked up for entrance back into his mouth.  Ezra sucked him into his mouth again and caressed him with his tongue and lips.  Ezra kissed the tip and sat back.  He withdrew his fingers.  Ezra turned Dadrian over. He didn’t want to see his face anymore.  Ezra spread Dadrian’s cheeks and pushed into him.  Ezra let out a loud groan as he pushed all the way.  His fingers dug into Dadrian’s hips as he began to set the rhythm.  Ezra didn’t care if the other man felt good anymore.  Dadrian had lost his place and was now just a body for Ezra’s pleasure.  Ezra shoved repeatedly into him as hard as he could.  Dadrian tightened around him and he knew he was about to release.  Ezra slapped him hard on the bum and clawed down his back.

“Fuck. I’m coming,” Dadrian managed in between pants.

Ezra just continued to press into him.  Ezra felt Dadrian shiver as he ejaculated onto the sheets.  Ezra wasn’t done yet though so it didn’t matter to him. Ezra knew he was close and didn’t stop but pushed even harder into Dadrian.  Ezra leaned forward and bit Dadrian’s shoulder as he rode his orgasm. Ezra pulled out and collapsed on the bed beside him.  Ezra looked at the man who was on the edge of sleep from their sexual activities.  Ezra ran his fingers through Dadrian’s hair and almost felt something when the man rubbed his face against the palm of his hand.

Two days later…

Ardyn sat on the tailgate of the pickup truck.  She swung her legs as Ezra placed the bag into the hole.  She stood up in the back of the truck and tossed him the last two bags.  She sat back down on the tailgate and lit a cigarette.  Ezra shoveled in the last of the dirt and patted the surface.  He dipped his hands in the bucket of water and rinsed off the dirt.  He wiped his face clean and stripped out of the clothes.  He put on a new pair of jeans and a tee shirt.

“He was so right for you,” Ardyn handed him a beer.

“He shouldn’t have made fun of my tattoo,” Ezra stated flatly.

“He was so perfect.  He was your match,” Ardyn pointed out.

“I thought so too.”

“Even Jacob liked him and you know Jacob hates most of your boyfriends.  It was just a silly comment.”

“It is what it is,” Ezra shrugged.

“Sometimes I just feel like it’s endlessly goodbye with you.  And why was he in so many pieces?” Ardyn actually was moved by Dadrian’s passing.  She would never tell Ezra.  Her first secret.

“I couldn’t ship him back in a body bag.  I had to make it as easy as possible,” Ezra finished his beer.

“I guess.  Sure that makes sense.  Why in your backyard of a house that you never use?” Ardyn asked almost in a whisper.

“Because Dadrian was more than just another boyfriend.  I’d like to leave it at that,” Ezra stood.  His first secret.

“As you wish.  Let’s get home.”

They got in the truck and she drove them back to the city.  Ezra was glad that it was the middle of the night on a deserted road with no lights.  Ardyn would never notice the tears in his eyes or the extra key around his neck.

Dadrian woke in pain on a cot.  His eyes fluttered open.  The cold clasp of the bracelets let him know that he was no longer his own man.  The cage added to the facts.  There was food, water and a bucket.  He shivered.  The bellhop’s screams echoed through his mind.  He saw Ezra bash the man’s head in before he lost consciousness.  Dadrian heard the faint sounds of car as he left from outside of wherever he was.  There was no hope for escape.  But he still loved Ezra.



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