The Dilemma and Delay of GLS

Hey there! I know I have not made a post this week for ‘Gavin’s Love Story’.  I am having a bit of a brain scramble.  Months ago I wrote out two endings each with a different scenario and victor.  At this point I have come to love both Felicity and Gavin so much that I am having trouble with each ending.  I have also thought of a third ending.  Right now I am brainstorming, creating pros/cons lists, and all kinds of other things to see where I want this to land.  There are only four planned parts remaining to this story.  That is what makes this harder to go forward without knowing the ending.  At this point every action, thought, set of dialogue, and sentence is leading up to the resolution.  I cannot write another sentence until I know which way I want to go.  I am sorry that you have to go a week without another installment but I promise to make next week’s installment worth the wait.  Thank you!





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