Endlessly Goodbye Part IV

Ezra had given it two days and he had to clean up before the storm arrived in the area.  He placed a large glass tote in the middle of the space he had set up.  In it was a few kilograms of chocolate.  The beetles took a few moments to realize it was there but then they swarmed into the tote.  Ezra had ordered the tote for another purpose.  It had turned out he had only organic storage containers at home and he would not risk a disaster.  He in turn had to use the tote to carry the insects.  The beetles had not strayed outside of the area he had marked and they looked well fed.  He smiled as he secured the lid.  He placed it in the back of the jeep.  Ezra was almost saddened at his next actions but it was necessary.  Ezra drove to the edge of the city and parked under a bridge.  The weather was warmer in the day than at night so he made sure it was dusk before he got out.  He pulled out the container of beetles and opened it.  He poured the lighter fluid in and lit a match.

“I’m sorry little guys but I have to be thorough.  I cannot have you running loose with evidence in your bellies.”

Ezra dropped the match in.  There wasn’t much movement.  He assumed most of them had suffocated.  A tear ran his down his cheek.  Ezra had just taken fifty or so innocent lives.  Ezra did not enjoy what roamed through him.  He took a deep breath and left the scene.  Ezra had gone home and took a long too hot shower.


Dadrian had just flown back from Milan and Ezra expected him that evening.  He knew that Ezra was into fashion as much as he was.  Dadrian had decided to wear something of his own from a new collection that had yet to be released.  He checked his image one last time before he grabbed his wallet and left the hotel.  Dadrian made it to the lobby and was about to exit when he recognized Ezra’s luxury car at the curb.  Dadrian stopped at the door and turned around.  Ezra wasn’t in the lobby.  Then he saw him step out the car.  Dadrian walked to the doors and out to the car Ezra opened the passenger door for him.

“I wasn’t expecting you to pick me up.”

“I know.   I like surprising you,” Ezra replied then shut the door and walked around to the other side.

“Hm I like it.  So where are we headed?”

“Another surprise.  You look fantastic,” Ezra gave him a once over as he started the car.

“Thank you,” Dadrian blushed.

Ezra chuckled as he pulled out into traffic.  They drove in silence.  Ezra pulled in front of the showplace arena.  Dadrian looked over to him as he cut the engine.  Ezra just smiled and got out of the car.  Dadrian scanned the parking lot and there weren’t that many cars out so he knew that there wasn’t an event that night.  Ezra opened his door and he got out of the car.  Dadrian followed Ezra into the building.  There was a melodic ruckus that went on as Dadrian recognized there was a band in sound check.  He stopped in his tracks on the stairs.  Ezra was almost at the stage before he turned and realized Dadrian was frozen in place.  Ezra couldn’t help but smile as he went back.

“That’s Zero Push!” Dadrian screamed.

“And that is unprofessional.  Calm down.  I know you’re a big fan but can you be less dramatic?”

“Yeah.  Sorry.  I’m just shocked.”

“Surprise.  I own the label they’re on.  I figured you’ve been good the last month that you should have something nice,” Ezra smirked.

Ezra pulled him to the very front where the pit would form once the show was in full swing.  They ran through a few songs and finally ended their sound check.  Zero Push joined them as the other band set up.  Ezra made introductions.  Dadrian had managed to act as an adult as they talked.  Ezra made arrangements for Dadrian to get backstage the next day for their second show.  They left the arena and Ezra drove to the restaurant for their official tenth date.  Dadrian had grown accustom to Ezra ordering and making his decisions for him while they were out.  After dinner Ezra informed him that they would meet his friends for drinks.  Dadrian nodded and accepted that his night was out of his control.  It felt good not to have to make decisions.  Dadrian liked Ezra’s friends.  He had become quick friends with Ardyn because she was Ezra’s best friend almost sister.  Ardyn was fun and charming.  Her husband Jacob was quiet but not shy just he wasn’t much of a talker.  Jackie was a bit too loud for his taste but she was funny.  Clarence seemed to be too much business and was a little stiff until he had a few shots.  Then he opened up.  Dadrian did not feel like an outsider as he expected.  Ezra kept an arm around him the entire night.  After drinks Ezra took him back to the hotel.

“Would you like to come up?” Dadrian asked as they stood under the awning.

“I have a late night meeting with a client from China.  Time zones make everything a little difficult.  I’ll see you before you leave though,” Ezra leaned forward and kissed the side of his mouth.

Dadrian waved then went into the building.  He sighed as he rode the elevator to his floor.  Dadrian had wanted more from Ezra but it seemed that if it wasn’t planned in his agenda then it would not happen.  Dadrian changed clothes as soon as he entered the room.  He wasn’t sure if he was in a relationship with Ezra or not.  Ezra had been possessive but that could have been because of the friends.  Ezra had kissed him and said that he would see him again.  Dadrian just wasn’t sure sometimes.  Dadrian had also never been to Ezra’s home.  They had met for brunch one morning and Ezra had insisted they go back to the hotel.  When Dadrian had offered to pick him up Ezra had refused and met him at the restaurant.  Even when he had offered to stop by while he was in the city for just a talk no date Ezra had refused.  Dadrian knew Ezra was a control freak and he was still interested.   Dadrian got in to bed and pulled the covers up to his chest and closed his eyes.  Dadrian knew something more could develop between them and he hoped that it would before he went back to Europe.


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