Endlessly Goodbye Part II

Ezra left his office and went home to meet Ardyn for lunch. He ordered carryout because he wasn’t one to cook in the middle of the day. Ezra had everything laid out when Ardyn entered his apartment. Ardyn opened a bottle of wine and sat down at the table as he grabbed silverware.

“So this guy that you text me about in the middle of the night, what’s he like?” Ardyn asked as she looked over the food selection.

“Amazing. Dadrian’s smart, funny, charming and very into me. He has his own job! I wouldn’t have to see him all the time because he’d be traveling and I still could see other people,” Ezra approached the table and handed her a fork.

“And why are you here with me for lunch and not with him?” Ardyn asked as she began to make her plate.

“He got me last night. He wanted to be with me last night,” Ezra answered as he poured their wine.

“Be with you?” Ardyn smiled because Ezra couldn’t say it out loud.

“You know what I mean.”

“For a serial killer you sure are virginal,” she laughed.

“I’m not a serial killer,” Ezra cut his eyes at her.

“I believe there are at least ten different men buried out in the gorge. Anything more than two is a serial killer,” Ardyn stated matter-of-factly.

“Whatever,” Ezra flicked his hand dismissively as he sat down to eat.

“Is this mystery man going to end up out there too?”

“So far no,” Ezra was surprised to find himself smile at the thought of Dadrian.

“Good. So he might be the one?”

“I didn’t say that,” he shook his head.

“You didn’t fuck him last night. That is a first in at least the last five years,” Ardyn pointed out as she ate.

“I guess. We have dinner plans.”

“Good. Where are you taking him?” Ardyn asked as she sipped her wine.

“He’s taking me out somewhere,” Ezra shrugged.

“Hold on,” Ardyn coughed to clear her throat, “did you just say he’s taking you out?”

“Yes,” Ezra tilted his head down.

“Marry this man now. He has taken the control and made you blush!” Ardyn exclaimed as she wiped her mouth.

“No, not really. He just wanted a second date while he’s in town.”

“Mm hm. We’ll see,” Ardyn hid her smile behind her glass.


Dadrian checked his reflection in the mirror. He was nervous. Dadrian had not thought he would actually go on another date with Ezra. Once he had sobered the following day he had hated himself for being such a lush. He couldn’t believe he had thrown himself at Ezra like a teenager. Dadrian was surprised that Ezra had even agreed to the second date. The second date had gone well and Ezra had requested the third. Dadrian hoped that he looked acceptable since he was not sure where Ezra was taking him. He was worried that he may screw up and had just been lucky to that point. It had been a month. They had talked and kept in contact electronically but had not had a face to face in a month. Dadrian took a deep breath and waited for Ezra to come pick him up from his hotel. The connection between them had frightened Dadrian but had left him wanting more. Dadrian jumped when the doorbell rang. He looked around his suite to make sure that it was orderly as he made his way to the door. Dadrian opened the door and Ezra stood there greeting him with a beautiful smile and his arms full. Dadrian took the top bag and stepped back to let Ezra in. Dadrian never had the courage to wear all white but Ezra did and he looked magnificent. His dark hair fell just passed his shoulders and brought the entire outfit together. Ezra looked appetizing in all white. Dadrian shook his head and stopped the lusty thoughts before they went any further. He sat the bag down by the boxes Ezra had placed on the table.

“The weather is supposed to get nasty so I figured we could do a picnic here,” Ezra walked to Dadrian and kissed his cheek, “I thought it might be romantic or something.”

“It is. Thank you.”

“I wasn’t sure what you would like from Mexicana Caliente so I got some of everything,” Ezra began to pull the food out.

“Excellent. Good thing I have a large appetite,” Dadrian replied as he helped with the food.

Ezra pulled a blanket out of his satchel and laid it out in front the balcony door so they could see outside. Dadrian could not stop the smile that spread across his face. Ezra was meant for him he thought as he helped make their plates and move it all to the blanket. Dadrian called room service and ordered margaritas to top off their meals. They ate in silence as they watched the clouds roll in and the rain began to pour. Dadrian stole glances and tried not to allow the emotions to take hold. It was too early to get overly involved.

“Do I have something on my face?” Ezra asked and grabbed a napkin.

“No. You’re perfect. I cannot imagine what made you think Mexican food was a good idea in a white suit though,” Dadrian chuckled.

“I’m having suits delivered here before I go anyway. It doesn’t matter. I don’t wear white in the rain. It does not go over well and I have a client to meet after this,” Ezra shrugged and looked down at his vest and slacks.

“Do you always wear a three piece to work?” Dadrian just wanted to look him over again without feeling like he was gawking.

“Yes. I run a business and I am to be taken serious at all times while in the office. Nothing says business like a well tailored suit with an Eldrege knotted tie.”

“You’re the reason the Eldrege is coming back. This last year with designs that has been a huge request among the gentlemen. You are a trend setter,” Dadrian smiled at him.

“Yes I am,” Ezra stated.

“Modest too,” Dadrian laughed.

“When you know something there is no need to be modest about it.”

“Then I do know that right now I want more than just this meal from you,” Dadrian’s hand immediately flew to his mouth.

“Excuse me?” Ezra looked up at Dadrian through his dark lashes.

“I am so sorry that is too forward. Excuse me. I have to visit the little boy’s room.”

Dadrian hopped up and ran to the bathroom. He locked himself in and went to the mirror.

“Yup that’s still me. What the hell has come over me?” Dadrian splashed cold water on his face. Then he grabbed a bottle of mouthwash and rinsed his mouth as he tried to calm himself.

Ezra watched as Dadrian took his leave. Ezra allowed himself to grin sincerely pleased with Dadrian’s reaction to him. He stood and went to his satchel. Ezra pulled out his personal kit and breath freshener. Ezra allowed the breath strip to dissolve. He undid his tie and took off his vest. The doorbell sounded and he answered. Ezra rolled the rack of suits in and looked them over.

Dadrian cleared his throat, “so…hi.”

“Hey there. Just picking out my suit for the rest of the day.”

Dadrian walked up behind Ezra and put his arms around his waist. Ezra turned to him and smiled up at him. Dadrian’s eyes pulled him in. Ezra’s mouth went dry and his stomach fluttered. Dadrian touched Ezra’s face and leaned into him. Ezra’s breath caught as Dadrian kissed him. His fingers gracefully moved to undo Dadrian’s shirt. Ezra pressed closer to Dadrian and moaned into his mouth. They feverishly groped and kissed each other until Ezra had backed Dadrian into a wall. Ezra chuckled and ran his tongue along Dadrian’s jaw line. Dadrian pushed off from the wall and turned them around. He pushed Ezra against the wall and kissed him harder on the mouth. Dadrian shrugged out of his shirt and quickly unbuttoned Ezra’s shirt. Dadrian had never felt the emotions pour over him the way they did with Ezra. He wanted nothing more than to share those emotions with Ezra. Ezra whimpered as Dadrian continued his assault from his lips down to his neck. Ezra pulled him back to his mouth and he kissed him. Dadrian’s fingers dipped into Ezra’s pants and Ezra stopped. He was not in control. Ezra pushed Dadrian away and walked around the room.

“Uh…am I okay? Did I do something wrong?” Dadrian asked as he caught his breath brow wrinkled.

“You’re great. That’s the issue. You are too good. I…I can’t just let down my guard like that. Uh…I…see…I have to get back to work,” Ezra crossed to the rack of suits and just pulled one.

“What do you mean? You said not on the first date. This is a different date,” Dadrian bit his lip and tried not to pounce Ezra, “I can feel you wanting me.”

“Not like this. Dadrian,” Ezra shook his head as he changed clothes, “not like this. A lunch break rush is not the way I want to be our first time. It has to be special. It has to be more than this.”

“Oh,” Dadrian ran a hand through his hair, “I guess I can understand that. But man…you’re beautiful.”

Ezra felt something that he was not familiar with run through him and his face felt hot. He felt a groan rise in his throat as Dadrian reached for him. Ezra wanted nothing more than to go to him. Ezra closed his eyes as he tied his tie and took a moment to ground himself.

“Dadrian I want to be with you but at the right time.”

“Ezra I feel like I’m always waiting for that time. That one special moment when I’m with you and you are ready. But you know what?” Dadrian features softened into ease.

“What?” Ezra froze as he put on the blazer as he waited for Dadrian to give up on him.

“I’ll wait as long as you need me to,” Dadrian blew him a kiss and turned to clean up their picnic.

Ezra grinned as he pulled on the blazer and grabbed his satchel. Dadrian was something else.


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