Hey Writers: Wanna Bundle With Me?

Robert Mitchell Jr.

books_bundle2So there’s this not-so-new idea of selling story bundles, and since I’m always somewhere like two years behind the curve on most trends, I got the idea that I might try and create a story bundle with another writer.

If you’re a horror, occult, mystery, or slipstream writer who writes creepy, strange, unusual books and you want to team up on a bundle, post a link to your stuff in the comments below.

Maybe we can make a bundle together, what say?

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3 thoughts on “Hey Writers: Wanna Bundle With Me?

  1. Robert Mitchell says:

    Thanks for the reblog! The tentative title will be “Starshine and Shadow: A Novel Bundle of Faeries, Ghouls, Love, and Horror.” Do you by any chance have any finished novels that might fit into said bundle?

    • For the first time in a while I don’t have anything in a single one of those genres! I’ve been working on I gues what would be considered uplifting pieces. Thanks for asking! I wish that I did have something.

      • Robert Mitchell says:

        Uplifting is good! The best art is made of figures bright and bold mingled with the deepest of shadows…

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