Gavin’s Love Story Part I

Gavin hosed down the cage one last time. His gaze swept the basement as he turned off the water. Once it dried it would be immaculate. He was always thorough. Gavin returned the hose to its place then closed off the barrels where the water had gathered.

One by one Gavin took the barrels upstairs and to his truck. He glanced back as he reached for the light switch. Perfection until next time. 

Gavin backed the truck to the river. He emptied each barrel then secured them in the truck one last time. Gavin headed back to the city. He arrived outside the recycling center.

“Mr. Smith good to see ya. S’been awhile,” Joe greeted as he pulled the tailgate open. 

“Yeah, company is reusing before they recycle now. I only have a few this time.”

“Thanks to you we’ll meet quota fer da day,” Joe smiled as he unloaded the truck. 

“Glad I could help.”

Gavin tipped his hat as he took the money.  He left the recycling center and headed to the garage.  Gavin hummed as he locked up the truck and walked to the van. Gavin smiled as he unlocked the back. 

The woman was bound, blindfolded and gagged.  She whimpered but no longer struggled. Gavin patted her leg. 

“Don’t worry your new home is fresh and clean. We’ll have you out of these ropes in no time,” Gavin grinned even though she couldn’t see through the mask.

The woman whimpered louder.  Gavin blew a kiss to her before he locked the doors again. Gavin scanned the area as he opened the driver’s side door. Alone.  No surveillance. Safe.

Gavin sighed happily as he merged onto the highway.  His heart fluttered in his chest and his palms were sweaty. Gavin felt the love grow.  His confidence ran high with his new pick secured in the van.



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