Gavin’s Love Story Part II

Gavin chuckled as he brushed the warm nutmeg colored hair of his latest conquest through the cage. The woman had long ago grown quiet. She smelled of flowers and soap. Just as he preferred. The week had been fitful and exhausting. Gavin had come out on top all the same. She had bent to his will as all the others had before. Gavin hummed as he braided her hair.


“There. You look amazing. Don’t you think?” Gavin held out a mirror for her to peer in.




“Are you ready to behave? I would like to let you into the house.”


Her hunter green eyes shimmered with tears as she nodded. Gavin sat the mirror down. Gavin entered the cage. He turned her to face him. Her beauty caused a smile to spread and his head felt light. He nodded as he stood before her. Gavin pulled her to her feet. The shackles rattled as she moved. Gavin helped her step down from the cage. He kissed her fingers as he led her to the basement floor. He stopped her right outside the threshold. Gavin produced the keys from around his neck. Gavin unlocked the collar and removed it from her neck.


“I’m going to give you rules. If you do not obey you will be punished. Understood?” Gavin asked as he rubbed her shoulders.


“Understood,” she swallowed several times as she gained comfort in the new freedom.


Gavin left her side and retrieved an ointment to rub on her neck. He handed it her. She opened it slowly and applied a generous amount. Gavin grabbed a change of clothes and sat them on the table. He took the ointment from her and grabbed her hand. She flinched as his grip tightened. Gavin led her to the table.


“Some fresh clothes for you. Your new room will have better amenities. I keep all of my leading ladies comfortable. I hope that the colors are fitting your taste. I can always update them for you.”


She couldn’t help the smile that found its way to her lips. Gavin’s voice held so much hope and happiness it spread to her. She kept her head down but felt his gaze on her like always. Gavin motioned her to change. His eyes stayed steady. She closed her eyes, took a deep breath and began to change.


“The rules are never to be broken. You will stay in your room at all times. Trying to escape will only gain you permanent dismissal. I have your best interests at heart. I know what you need. Please remember to eat all of your meals in their entirety. When I give you directions you follow them without question. You will maintain the daily exercise regimen we discussed. There will be proper equipment in your room. I will help you maintain your hair and manicure. There is several months’ worth of birth control so you don’t have to worry about your cycle. There’s an alarm clock that will sound so you do not forget to take it. Your sleep schedule will be the same. You will get your full night’s sleep or there will be punishment. The lights are on a timer and will automatically turn off and on. I will take care of your laundry weekly so that you don’t have to worry. I have also provided entertainment in your room,” Gavin never took his eyes from her as he laid out the guidelines.


“Yes sir,” she answered as she zipped the skirt.


“And what is your name?”


“Olivia Hamilton.”


“Good. I never want you to forget who you are. There won’t be too many visitors so you’ll need to be reminded of who you are. Olivia is such a beautiful name. Don’t worry your family is safe. They are aware you have gone on an extended holiday. Now, come. Your room waits.”


Gavin grabbed her firmly by the wrist and led her to a door she hadn’t noticed. He pulled the keys from around his neck again. Gavin flashed her that flawless smile as he unlocked the door.


Olivia glanced inside. There was another door three feet in from the first. Gavin unlocked the padlock first then the deadbolts. Olivia did not move until he grabbed her.


Gavin stepped back. Olivia looked around her new home. With everything he required she had expected a room packed tight. It was set up as more of a hotel suite. The main room was a sitting room with standard matching rental furniture. The elliptical was in a corner with a few free weights. To the left was a kitchenette. To the right were two more doorways minus the doors. Olivia assumed the bedroom and bathroom. Olivia was glad the bookcases were packed and the small desk in the back of the sitting room was supplied sufficiently. She noticed that it was windowless and there were no modern electronics. The television looked like the one her grandmother owned along with the VCR. Olivia swallowed hard and turned to face him. She stared at his chest with her arms limp by her side.


“Good news is I can take these chains now. You’re free to roam around your quarters. The refrigerator has plenty of fruits, vegetables, water and protein drinks. There are nuts and dried fruits in the cabinets. Remember to adhere to the portions. I also stocked plenty of organic popcorn and granola for special treats when you want something different. The cabinet under the sink in the bathroom is where you’ll find your soaps, shampoo, waxing kits and other necessities. If you need anything let me know. I’ll bring new movies when I get them. The television picks up local only. If you behave I’ll install the HD television and cable. I reward as much as I punish. I suggest you keep a diary or work on poetry. Sorry I can’t trust you with a computer. It’ll be old fashion pen and paper. There’s enough office supplies for months,” Gavin covered the final information as he unhooked her, “I look forward to our time together. The surveillance cameras are also 24/7 in here. I’ll keep you safe and sound. I promise you’ll come to love it here.”


Gavin stood, put the chains over his arm and kissed her cheek. He turned to the door. Olivia raised her eyes and took in his appearance from behind. His dark brown hair was in disarray, the frame of his glasses were almost invisible wireless frames, his clothes were tailored to his body, he barely made it through the door without ducking, she was sure he was athletic by the way he carried himself, and his shoes were worth a week’s pay. Olivia saw no ordinary psycho. She took a deep breath.


“Sir,” Olivia called in a mousey voice.

“Yes?” Gavin stopped but didn’t turn around.

“W-what happened t-to the others?”

Gavin turned to face her. Olivia looked away.

“Do not look away. Look me in the eye.”

“Yes sir,” Olivia looked into his heated hazel eyes.


“You have earned my name. You may call me Gavin. As for the others, they were permanently dismissed.”


Gavin narrowed his eyes slightly then turned. He pulled the door shut. Olivia listened as Gavin locked her in. She swallowed hard. Permanently dismissed.



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