Gavin’s Love Story Part III

Gavin grunted as the kick landed hard against his stomach.  He went forward and took a few seconds to catch himself.  The woman turned and kneed him in the side of the head when he went forward.  She ran for it when he went to his knees.  Gavin coughed and breathed around the pain as he got to his feet.  The woman began to scream as she moved in a serpentine motion. 

Fire!  Fire!”

Gavin groaned as he raced after her.  No one had been successful in escaping.  She would be his.  Gavin took the corner too fast and skidded into a wall.  He hesitated only a minute before he was in pursuit again.  He heard her footsteps in the distance.  Gavin took a short cut and waited as she barreled around the corner.  Gavin grabbed her arm and she pulled it up and out of his grasp quick.  She made a fist and brought her hand up and across hard.  Gavin laughed as he was able to miss the broken nose then he realized she hadn’t been aiming for his nose.  The blood trickled into his eyes.  She had used her rings to cut him across the forehead and give herself the advantage.  He grabbed her bicep before she was able to run.  Gavin flung her against a wall of the parking deck.  She caught herself and as he advanced on her she kicked out at him.  Gavin stepped back and wiped his forehead again.

What do you want?” she asked as she caught her breath.

You.  I have watched you Felicity and you are my perfect match.  Please stop fighting me.  It is inevitable that you will be mine.”

I don’t think so. How the hell do you know my name?” Felicity asked in a rage filled tone.

Felicity stood and moved to run but Gavin was just as fast and blocked her way.  He grabbed her shoulders.  Felicity pulled down and slipped out of her jacket but held onto the sleeve ends.  She spun and twisted him into her jacket.  In just two moves Felicity had Gavin pinned.  She sighed as her arms began to shake.  Felicity glanced around the area.  There was no route that would give her safety. 

You can try to calculate my speed.  You will never be fast enough.  Your muscles will grow weak and I will be free and you will not.  Just come calmly to the car.  You have given me more trouble than any of the others.  I admire your spirit.  It will be the challenge that I need,” Gavin stood still as she twisted the jacket tighter.

You’re some serial rapist or something?  Others?  How many before me?” Felicity tugged him with her as she moved.

No.  I am not a rapist.  All intercourse is consensual.  I am here to make you my wife.  I will provide for you and take care of all your needs.  I know what’s best for you. Hmm, you’re shaking.  I’ll be free in a moment,” Gavin moved with her to make it easier for her to walk.

Shut up!” Felicity frantically looked around the empty garage.

At least now I know what your Thursday and Tuesday nights are in that building downtown.”

You’ve been spying on me?!”

I watch all of my prospects.  Six months and your routine is the same.  I like that.  You keep a tight schedule.  The others were not as organized and methodic.”

Jeez.  I’m going to die tonight aren’t I?” Felicity pondered out loud with defeat dripped into her tone.

No.  I will take you to your new home.”

Felicity’s arms were tired and the sting was too much.  She dropped her jacket and ran.  Felicity had tangled him up enough to give her a few seconds to get ahead of him.  Gavin threw the jacket to the ground.  He sighed and giggled at the same time.  His eyes were bright as he jogged after Felicity.  He knew the layout of the abandoned parking deck better than Felicity so he knew that he had the upper hand. 

BAM! Gavin fell forward to the ground.  He didn’t scream out as he allowed the pain to wash over him.  He turned onto his back. Felicity stood over him with the hunk of concrete.  Gavin groaned as he swallowed back the bile that rose in his throat.  He closed his eyes and lay there.  He had studied Felicity.  Gavin waited.  Felicity shuffled closer.  Gavin stayed still.  He heard her move closer and sat the slab down.  Gavin opened his eyes and grinned up at her as he kicked his legs swiftly.  Felicity, caught off guard, fell to the ground as soon as he swept her legs from under her.  Gavin crawled over her and strategically pinned her down.

You are a fighter.  I like that.  It is going to make our time together interesting.”

Gavin held both of her slim wrists in one hand and reached into his pocket.  Felicity watched his hand as she struggled.  She gave a yelp as she felt a pinch in her neck.  Gavin put the device back in his pocket.  Her head lulled to the side as she tried to force herself to move.  The grogginess was immediate.  Felicity felt herself being lifted.  She tried to protest but it was gurgles and gibberish. 

Gavin hoisted Felicity over his shoulder.  He retraced their movements and grabbed her jacket.  He used it to wipe the slab of concrete free of her finger prints.  Gavin walked back to the exit and the van.  His eyes scanned the area before he opened the back and placed Felicity inside.  He cuffed her to the bar he had installed.  Gavin tied her ankles and placed a gag in her mouth.  Gavin was confident that the sedative would hold but he never risked it. Once she was secured, he locked the back and he got in the driver’s seat.

Felicity whimpered as she rolled over. < Some hang over.  Where the hell did I go last night?> She wiped her eyes and opened them.  Felicity gasped as she sat up.  She ran to the bars and almost toppled over from the restraints.  She waddled to the bars and looked around.  A windowless room and she was in a cell.  It flooded back to her and she growled low.  Felicity grabbed the chains and began to bang them against the bars as she shouted.  She did so for several minutes and when no one showed she took in her surroundings again.  Felicity saw nothing of help.  The walls were bare.  There was a table and a chair outside the gate of the cell but too far to reach.  There was a washer and dryer in the far left corner and that was it.  She moved back to the cot.  The pillowcase was sewn to the pillow and the blankets were bolted to the bed.  There was a plastic bottle of water, an unwrapped granola bar and two pain tablets on the tray made to the cell wall.  She stood and retrieved them.  <No sense in suffering.> Felicity took the tablets and nibbled on the granola as she tried to make a plan.

Felicity woke with a start.  It hadn’t been a dream.  She had just drifted off because of the boredom.  She fell back onto the cot as her eyes met with a steely pair of hazel ones.  Felicity, now that she wasn’t running for her life, realized how attractive the man was.  He had a regal brow, defined jaw, full lips and the glasses made him distinguished.  His complexion was flawless and skin held a subtle glow.  He held himself like her self-defense instructor so she deduced his martial arts training and the reason she had been out maneuvered.

Good afternoon Felicity.  Welcome to your new home.”



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