II. Oh Girl Almighty

Elani slipped into her leggings and pulled on her flowing navy skirt.  She made sure her blouse was in place and checked her reflection.  Elani smiled pleased with her appearance.  She zipped up her knee high boots and grabbed her black hobo bag.  Elani sashayed down the stairs to the kitchen.

“Hey beautiful,” Jacob kissed her cheek.

“Hi handsome.  So do I look trendy enough?” Elani turned.

“You’re gorgeous and perfect.  Thank you so much for coming with me.  I just couldn’t go alone again.”

“Not a problem.  I get to hob knob with hot wealthy people and a few celebrities.  I wouldn’t miss this for the world,” Elani said with a laugh, “I’m glad it isn’t a black tie event because I have nothing formal to wear.”

“Just try not to make the others jealous because you are stunning and I don’t want to have to fight with any heiress types,” Jacob teased.

“I’ll try not to.”

Jacob walked her to the car and opened her door for her.  He got in and they headed to the restaurant.  There were several photographers out when they arrived.  Jacob held her hand and tossed the keys to the valet.  They stopped and posed for the cameras then went into the restaurant.

“Wow does Novak have a date?  Beautiful woman at that,” Brie smiled as she met them in the parlor.

“Hi Brie.  This is my friend Elani,” Jacob put on his business smile.

“Elani?  Like the Elani who helped us raise all that money for the marriage equality campaign?! Oh my god!  It is totally my pleasure,” Brie took her hand and shook it profusely.

“Nice to meet you Brie,” Elani gave what she hoped was a warm smile that hid her annoyance.

“You are such a grade A class act philanthropist.  We aspire to be like you.  I feel honored just to breathe the same air.  What are you doing here with him?” Brie’s smile widened frighteningly as she cut her eyes to Jacob.

“He and I go way back.  He’s been my friend for several years,” Elani chuckled.

“He’s kind of weird,” Brie made a face.

“I am right here Brie,” Jacob narrowed his eyes at her.

“He’s not that bad once you get passed his exterior of dorkiness,” Elani feigned whispering.

“I’ll take your word,” Brie grabbed her hand, “here let me introduce you to everyone.”

“Actually,” Elani gently took her hand from Brie, “I’ll walk around with Jacob for a little while then we can meet back up.”

“That would be awesome!  See ya laters,” Brie bounced off to other new comers.

“What the hell was that?” Elani asked as they made it to the main area.

“That is my competition.  She works for another agency,” Jacob chuckled.

“She needs a chill pill.  I thought I was going to have to punch her.”

“Brie is an acquired taste,” Jacob replied as he led Elani to their table.

“Wow is that design phenom Christian LeBlanc?” Elani’s mouth fell open in awe.

“Yes.  I’ll introduce you,” Jacob waved to Christian and he headed over.

“Jacob doll,” he kissed his cheek, “you are looking mighty fierce tonight.”

“Of course I am.  I am wearing your new line,” Jacob smirked.

“And I am very pleased,” Christian turned to Elani, “and who is this gorgeous bombshell?”

“My best friend in the entire world Elani.”

“Ooh girl friend what I could do with a statuesque frame like yours.  How tall are you?” Christian eyed her appraisingly.

“Six three,” Elani blushed.

“You must come out to my studio,” Christian presented her with a card.

“Oh jeez,” Elani took a deep breath to rid her of the lightheadedness, “it would be my pleasure.  I simply adore your sharp eye and daring designs.”

“Ooh yes I am going to love you.  Well I better get back to the masses before someone says I’ve got favorites and hate everyone else,” Christian blew them kisses as he headed to the crowd.

Elani watched as he sauntered off.  She was pleased to be surrounded by so many well known people.  She could not believe how many people recognized her just through her charity presence.  She loved that she had entered new names into her contact list and made connections that would aid in her efforts to make a difference.  Elani enjoyed most of all watching Jacob interact with people.  He was not a social butterfly and preferred to just work alone and create ideas but he was a master a selling his talent.  Jacob gave his speech and accepted his award.

Jacob watched through the night as Elani made him popular.  His colleagues respected him however, like Brie, thought that he was strange.  He had gone to many other events single or with Evan that questions had arisen.  Jacob was pleased that everyone enjoyed Elani’s company and let down their shields with him.  Jacob’s own boss seemed more willing to spend time with him and not keep him at arm’s length.  Jacob had known that Elani would be what he needed to open more doors for him.  Jacob held back his laughter as men approached her and flirted openly.  Jacob knew that there was no man in the room that would catch her fancy.  Elani fit their ideal with her height, legs for days and with eyes like malachite she could bring them to their knees.

“I am ready to get out of here,” Jacob mumbled as he walked to her side.

“Thank you god,” Elani whispered through a fake smile, “this Brie chick is about to catch it.”

“Thanks for everything.  We have to get going.  Her brother is flying in and we have to pick him up at the airport,” Jacob announced as he took Elani’s.

“Oh so soon?” Brie whined.

“I’ve got your number and I’ll call and we can do brunch,” Elani said with a smile.

“Promise?” Brie pouted.


Jacob whisked her away and they returned to the house.  They both showered and met back in the kitchen when Jacob poured drinks.

“That bitch is crazy.  If you want I can totally get her blacklisted or something,” Elani advised as she took her shot and chased it with juice.

“I can’t believe how nice you were.  I can’t take ten minutes of her and she was like up your ass the entire night,” Jacob shook his head.

“I allowed myself to think about her as a character in one of my stories.  She’s temporarily useful then I can get rid of her by the next chapter.  I’ll try not to kill her,” Elani poured another shot.

“I wouldn’t mind,” Jacob laughed.

“I can’t.  I’m way too hot to go to prison.”

They shared a few more drinks then Elani retired for the evening.  Jacob crashed in front the television a marathon that was on.  There was a knock at the door.  Jacob smiled and let Gabby in.

“He’s upstairs.  He’ll be down in a little bit.”

“Cool.  What are we watching?”

“Best Chef.”

“Ooh I love this show,” Gabby said and plopped down on the couch beside him.

They were engrossed in the show as Evan came down the stairs.  They hushed him as the host announced who was packing their knives.  Evan sat down beside Gabby and put his arms around her shoulders.

“I told you!” Gabby squealed.

“Damn you.  I so thought the French guy was going home with his ugly hair and attitude.”

“You guys are so funny,” Evan chuckled.

“Did you use my lotion again?” Gabby asked as she cuddled into him.

“Uh oh yeah.  It was in the bathroom,” Evan tensed as his eyes met Jacob’s, Jacob shrugged.

“So now you smell like lilacs and sunshine,” Gabby giggled.

“It could be worse.  I’ve been with him after he’s been at the gym,” Jacob remarked.

“I’m glad that I haven’t.  What are we doing tonight?” Gabby looked to Evan.

“I figured we’d take a look at vacation spots tonight.  Figure out where we want to go while you’re free.”

“That sounds boring.  I was thinking more along the lines of poker.  I kind of invited a few people over for poker.”

“The question was pointless then? Well I’m glad that I was invited.”

“I was,” Jacob said with a laugh as he got up, “I’ll get the chips and cards.”

“You guys made plans without me?” Evan pouted.

“That’s why I had to get back here.  It’s only going to be a handful of people,” Jacob called from the hall.

“Okay.  Let me go put on real clothes then.  Be right back.”

Evan raced up stairs to change and make sure that the bathroom upstairs was presentable.  He ducked in his room and made sure that Elani had not left anything out like before.  He knew that Gabby would not go home afterward.  When Evan made his way back down stairs Trystan and her girlfriend were there as well as Alicia. He greeted everyone and sat down at the table beside Gabby.

They played several hands of poker and drank enough that everyone had to crash at the house because driving would be too dangerous.  Gabby curled up against him as they climbed into bed.

“You used a lot of my lotion.  Your entire room smells like a girl,” Gabby giggled, “you didn’t masturbate with it did you?”


“You did! Dude that isn’t cool”

“Sorry I didn’t have anything else.  I was in need of some relief,” Evan continued the lie.

“You’re lucky you’re so damn cute.  Will you sing me to sleep?”

“What do you want me to sing?”

“I don’t know.”

Evan hummed a little then began to sing softly as Gabby cuddled close and fell asleep.  He smiled down at her and closed his eyes.


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