The Cordon: PPF


The Cordon: Present. Past. Future.

Tabitha Johnson


Chapter 1

Rene watched the sun set from the roof of the Compound. He enjoyed the beauty that nature could provide that cost nothing but a little time. Rene let the glow wash over him and fade then swung back in through the roof entrance. Rene landed on his feet and walked to his personal bed room. He stripped out of his pajamas and pulled on a pair of dark blue jeans and black button down shirt. Rene pulled his dreadlocks back and grabbed his satchel. He slide on his moccasins and headed to the elevator. Rene stopped and checked the monitors in the hall way. As always there were no intruders. Rene spotted Xavian and David already by the jeep. Rene took the elevator to the Hanger area. He grabbed the extra ammo and went to the garage.

“Come on…

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